Nov 2021: Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things

First Friday Video Series

Justin Grammens, founder and CEO of Lab651, discusses “Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things” and leads a cutting edge discussion on:

  • Definitions of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)
  • Why the AIoT will change our business and personal life
  • Why your business will not survive without it
  • Business applications and use cases
  • How to get started as a business

About Justin Grammens

Justin Grammens is the founder and CEO of Lab651, which helps companies develop devices and software that generate data, which uses mobile, edge and cloud computing applications to understand their equipment, customers and products. He is the owner of Recursive Awesome where he takes Internet of Things data and helps companies apply machine learning to build smarter and more intelligent products. Grammens is the owner of IoT Weekly News, and a co-founder of AppliedAI and Captovation, the host of the “Conversations on AppliedAI” Podcast, and an adjunct professor at the University of Saint Thomas.

A proven leader and builder of technology, Grammens speaks regularly at meet-ups, conferences and on the Lab651 and AppliedAI YouTube channels. He co-launched Minnesota’s first Internet of Things Hack Day where inventors compete to build the best Internet-enabled product in 12 hours. He is a mentor to students of all ages through CoderDojo Twin Cities and Macalester College’s MacStartups program. Grammens was named one of the (Real) Power 50 by Minnesota Business Magazine.

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