Oct 2023: Innovative Approaches to Managing Plastic Waste

First Friday Video Series

The old approach to dealing with existing plastic waste, that can’t be recycled, is no longer suitable in today’s world.

Clean-Seas in Orleans, is setting a new standard for how innovative technologies can convert non-recyclable waste into valuable commodities, preventing it from being discarded into waterways, oceans, landfills, or the environment.

Join the Tech Council as Senior VP of Strategic Development John Yonce will explain Clean-Seas’ unique strategy which utilizes pyrolysis to convert plastics into valuable products.

About John Yonce

A Cape Cod native with more than 30 years’ experience building successful mission-based businesses and nonprofits, Yonce has lent his talents and expertise to Clean-Seas’ green technology efforts since January 2021.

Yonce’s career has been focused on developing and implementing impact models for national nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses. At AmeriCan Adventures, a startup adventure tour operator, he quickly attained partnership while growing sales and operational efficiency across 30 international markets. He has held management level positions at Hostelling International USA, Tourism Cares, and Peace First.

He currently volunteers on the board for the sustainability nonprofit CARE for the Cape and Islands, and has served on the board as committee chair for Philanthropy Partners of Cape Cod, with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling Market Development Workgroup, and the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainable Economic Develop Pillar.

Yonce holds concurrent degrees in journalism/legal studies and political economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


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