Feb 2024: AI Series – ChatGPT

First Friday Video Series

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Since ChatGPT was released for public use by OpenAI in November 2022, it has taken the internet by storm.  While the language learning model has come under intense scrutiny, it has become a useful tool that can enhance productivity, conduct research, explain concepts, create summaries, and serve as an inspiration for generating content.

Join the Cape Cod Technology Council as it welcomes Cape Cod Community College’s Patricia Allen who will give attendees the knowledge and confidence to utilize ChatGPT immediately, unlocking the potential to use this powerful tool to work smarter and better. She will also discuss other, similar programs such as Bard, Claude Grok and more.

About Patricia Allen

Patricia Allen is an associate professor of English and co-coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Center at Cape Cod Community College. Allen is a corporate business writing trainer for Communication Management International.

She started her education at Cape Cod Community College before studying linguistics, language, and literacy at Wellesley College and Harvard University, where she received her Masters of Education. She is passionate about leveraging technology to improve education and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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