With a profound commitment to both tradition and innovation, the Council responds to calls for advocacy and leadership on a broad range of issues related to the region’s technological and infrastructure development.

We have provided letters of support; comments and testimony on local, state, and federal laws and regulations; and expert guidance on issues in which we believe our involvement will lead to a brighter, more connected, and sustainable Cape & Islands.

We participate in state and federal advisory committees, such as the Digital Equity Working Group of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, to ensure that our region is fairly represented.  We don’t do this on our own. We have a history of collaborating and leadership with like-minded organizations to achieve the maximum effect for our efforts.

A current example is our Broadband Resource Project, in which we convene leaders from municipalities that are exploring municipal broadband options (as well as the Cape Cod Commission) to share best practices, grant opportunities, and opportunities to influence broadband policy in the Commonwealth.

Infrastructure Committee

Meets regularly on the third Wednesday of every month to share information, develop policy, and plan action on tech infrastructure issues in the Cape Cod region. The Committee reviews requests for support and forwards recommendations to the Council’s Board. The Committee is an open committee. You don’t have to be a member to participate (although we invite you to join).

Eugene Curry, Chair

Recent Letters of Support

Commonwealth Wind Support Letter

Comments on Massachusetts Broadband Institute’s Internet for All Plan

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