May 2022: Quantum Computing – Mitre Corporation

First Friday Video Series

“Hear ye, hear he! The Quantum Revolution is nigh!” You may have heard some version of this claim ring out from media articles and business conferences, but is it really true? Richard Preston of The MITRE Corporation cuts through the hype and dives into the fundamental principles of quantum computing so that you can fully understand the opportunities and threats that this emerging technology portends. We’ll come at the topic from the software engineering perspective, so you won’t need a background in quantum physics to follow the presentation. Just be prepared to do a little coding – you’ll get the chance to write a quantum software program and simulate it yourself!

Preston is a Group Lead in the Network Analytics department at The MITRE Corporation. He is a graduate of Tufts University where he received a BS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Electrical Engineering. After college, Preston worked on research and development projects spanning a wide variety of technology areas, including network security, machine learning, cloud and edge computing, IT automation, software engineering and quantum computing. Currently, he leads a research effort aimed at helping software engineers apply quantum algorithms to real-world problems.

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