Mar 2021: Higher Education’s COVID-19 Response

First Friday Video Series

Supporting the Pandemic Shift to a Fully Online Teaching Institution

The Cape Cod Technology Council presents an in-depth look at the challenges of effective, full remote education at the onset of COVID-19. In this presentation we bring together speakers from Bridgewater State University to discuss the rapid response to connect and support teachers, students and faculty through innovation and technology.

When COVID-19 became a reality for our local communities in early 2020, Bridgewater State University (BSU) quickly made the move from a primarily face-to-face classroom teaching institution to a fully remote online learning modality.  The Teaching & Technology Center (TTC), an educational technology support center for faculty at BSU, was suddenly thrust into the spotlight, needing to work with institutional partners to support this seismic shift in education delivery.

In this session, Eric LePage and Tim Wenson from the TTC will share the incredible technological and pedagogical challenges that arose, how they turned those challenges into opportunities, how BSU was able to support a limited return to physical campus classrooms, and next steps for BSU and the TTC to further improve quality remote teaching and learning.

  • How BSU made the shift from conventional to remote classes in the pandemic
  • About an overview of the Teaching & Technology Center
  • About distance learning tools and how they have evolved
  • How technology can be used to deliver textbook content to students
  • How technologies can make it easier for teachers to communicate with students
  • About the changing perceptions of online degrees


About Eric LePage

Eric LePage is the Executive Director of the Teaching & Technology Center and has 22 years of experience supporting and coordinating the edtech and online teaching needs of the faculty of Bridgewater State University, as well as 15 years as an adjunct instructor in hybrid and fully online courses.  Tim Wenson is the Academic Technology Specialist within the Teaching & Technology Center and oversees administration of the institution’s Blackboard Learning Management System.  Tim has 14 years of service within the TTC, including 12 years as an adjunct instructor in hybrid and fully online courses.

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