Jul 2021: MA Life Sciences Center: Encouraging STEM

First Friday Video Series

Jeanne LeClair, director of Business Development with Massachusetts Life Sciences Center discusses how Mass Life Sciences interfaces with the Commonwealth’s biotech and life sciences companies that are looking to expand and hire; partner with community colleges; and encourage and support STEM programs at the middle and high school levels.

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s mission is to serve as the hub of the world’s life sciences ecosystem by encouraging innovation through investments in good science and business; strengthening and protecting the state’s global leadership position in the life sciences; accelerating the commercialization of promising treatments, therapies and cures that will improve patient care; creating jobs; driving economic development and encouraging STEM workforce development.

MA Life Sciences Center

At MLSC, LeClair develops and executes strategies to enhance life sciences job growth in the Commonwealth by building relationships with key industry stakeholders, prospective partners, and public agencies. Prior to joining MLSC, she served as the Economic Development Director for the Gateway Hilltown Collaborative, a pilot program unifying community development efforts in Western Massachusetts. LeClair earned a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, and worked at the Cambridge-based political magazine Boston Review. She received master’s degrees in Public Policy and Business Administration from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, where she focused her efforts on entrepreneurship.

Learn about some of the most exciting aspects of technology that are happening right now and the efforts that Mass Life Sciences is making to draw interest from companies outside the Commonwealth to become one the most tech-friendly states in the country.

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