Feb 2022: Ethics in Technology and Social Media

First Friday Video Series

New Ethical Standards in the Evolving World of Social Media presented by Christine Merser, managing partner of Blue Shoe Strategy.

No one questions the need for serious evaluation and reflection of social media platforms and how they are performing for society and the individuals using them. After 10 years of explosive growth and the possible demise of discourse and accurate information for social media users, there remains a sense of urgency around what should happen next. How do platform ethics and user policies work, and who is responsible for setting the standards? What could the future look like for platforms where people spend most of their waking time scrolling and engaging with content they choose? Will a rebooting of the ethical standards we all need to employ as we maneuver through our media ensure the brightest future possible for the future of social media?

Christine Merser has spoken to the CCTC in the past to a full house with a strong Q&A as she presented content around social media that was thought provoking and challenging. She has a long history on the Internet; her company, Blue Shoe Strategy, built the first Olympic website online (Nagano), worked on Barack Obama’s social media (and Jeb Bush’s if you roll the other way), and she and her team manage the social media for countless companies – large and small. She is a successful podcaster, blogger, and speaker.

“There is so much happening that is not in the public eye, and the need for change is now. But perhaps it’s not about oversight as much as it is about ‘user’ sight,” she says. “I look forward to 2022 with the hope that what has gone awry can course correct – if we the people correct our own behavior in the platforms.”

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