Feb 2021: Marconi Society: Advocating for the Digitally Unconnected

First Friday Video Series

People and communities that are connected are empowered. They can access information, online health services, and life-saving disaster warnings. They can pay for goods and services via mobile phones, stay in touch with loved ones, increase productivity or obtain better-paid jobs that require digital skills.

For many of us who use technology every day, “digital inclusion” is a phrase that may exist only peripherally in our minds. What does it mean and why should we all care about it?

Join us for a fascinating First Friday discussion of the ethics and logistics of bringing full technology access to the millions who are underserved through lack of infrastructure, skills and other resources. You may be thinking of third world countries – but the problem exists right here in the United States and, in fact, right here on Cape Cod.

The Marconi Society is an international public charity whose mission focuses on the intersection of Internet and Communications Technology (ICT) and digital inclusion advocacy. Its mission is to bring the organization’s vision, expertise, and connections to support technology and digital inclusion innovators who are connecting the world.

Our discussion will be led by the society’s Executive Director, Samantha Schartman-Cycyk.

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