10 Tips to Master Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard photo editing and manipulation software. Its uses range from the full-featured editing and retouching of photos to creating intricate digital paintings and drawings that mimic those done by hand. Instructor Keith Conforti shows you how to get started with Adobe Photoshop CC and covers the 10 things that basic users […]

Photoshop for Photography

This Adobe Photoshop course teaches you how to edit your photos like a pro. You will learn sizing, cropping, retouching, masks, layers and coloring. Also offered are tips and shortcuts so you’ll know everything you need to do to create the best possible versions of your photographs. You will complete a series of photo projects […]

Create Landing Pages that Convert – Learn the What, Why and How

A landing page has one job: compel the visitor to respond to your Call-to-Action.  Landing pages help increase your conversion rates and lower your cost-per-acquisition. As businesses become more data-driven, post-click landing pages have become ever-more popular for their ability to deliver high ROI. In this virtual class, you will learn: • What an effective […]

What Every Small Business Should Know About Cybersecurity

During the first cybersecurity foundation session, basic cybersecurity terminology will be discussed. Then, building on those items, we will review the types of cyberattacks businesses face and explore the past and present cyber landscape. We will deep dive into these critical moments in time across the cyber landscape and discuss essential cybersecurity protocols business owners […]

Podcasting 101 Bootcamp with Stephanie Viva

All students will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to participate in this course.  Podcast bootcamp is a 4 class introduction to all things podcasting. The course will include independent student planning and preparation. Group activities will consist of both writing and editing copy and audio. Instructor-led classroom training will produce audio with […]

10 Tips to Master Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, the industry-standard vector graphics software, lets you create scalable art for everything from web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards. Turn shapes and colors into logos and icons. Create typography, draw freehand, and trace and recolor graphics. Illustrator is vector-based, so your artwork stays crisp even when […]

Effectively Planning Your Social Media Content

Social media is an essential marketing tool for businesses and non-profits. But, with changing customer needs, technology, and platforms, it can be challenging to create a sustainable strategy that increases sales, customer traffic, and donations. Social media marketing skills are essential for all organizations and non-profits to drive business objectives whether they are looking to […]

10 Tips to Master Adobe InDesign Workshop

Adobe InDesign is the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media. Create beautiful graphic designs with typography from the world’s top foundries and imagery from Adobe Stock. Quickly share content and feedback in PDF. InDesign has everything you need to create and publish books, digital magazines, eBooks, posters, interactive PDFs, and […]

Digital Photography 101

All students will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to participate in this course. Learn how to unlock your creativity with your digital camera. Students will learn the fundamentals of photography by taking advantage of the features and functionality specific to their own digital camera. This course will focus on the technical aspects […]

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Splicing (CFOS/S)

All students will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to participate in this course.  This 1-day, 16 hour (actual hours may vary depending on number of students) Splicing Specialist Training includes a complete PowerPoint presentation explaining the importance of high-performance splicing and further details the points necessary to achieve these splices. The depth […]