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Judith Holt’s First Friday Talk to Focus on Practical Applications of Green Building Design

May 28, 2024 (Cape Cod, MA) – The Cape Cod Technology Council’s First Friday in June will focus on ways each of us can improve the energy efficiency of the buildings we live and work in. The talk will be led by designer Judith Holt of Sandwich.

“I’m going to use the cases of what I’ve done at Heritage Museums and Gardens, and churches on Cape Cod for what you can do in your home or business to make it a more energy efficient building,” said Holt. “It’s going to be a science-based discussion about the technology we can use to do what we can in our own homes or buildings we work in, whether it’s a school or church, to reduce carbon emissions. It’s an exciting topic for me to talk about what we all need to do to address climate change.”

“Judith Holt’s work is at the forefront of what local organizations are doing to minimize their impact on the environment,” said Tech Council Executive Director Steve Smith. “Anyone attending this First Friday will be able to apply real world lessons of what is being done in our own backyard into their own lives.”

Click this link to register for the talk which is taking place Friday, June 7, 7:30-9 am, at Heritage Museums & Gardens.

Holt has spent more than three decades using her experience in energy management, education, and training to teach businesses, nonprofits, and homeowners what they need to do to curb climate change.

She has presented before the U.S. Senate and the American Institute of Architects. She was appointed a Smithsonian Associate for her work in solar energy. She wrote the first national installation standard for solar thermal applications with the Department of Energy and the American Testing of Materials.

Since retiring, she has analyzed the energy efficiency of 58 of the Mass Audubon bird sanctuaries in the state. An Executive Board member at Heritage Museums, Holt has worked with the Sandwich nonprofit in the development and execution of a sustainability strategic plan. And she has partnered with more than 15 churches across the Cape to help them identify ways to become energy efficient.

“I am motivated to do what I can with my time to change climate conditions in our world,” Holt said of why she has continued her work even in retirement. “We are all contributing to what is causing climate change and we can all do something about it.”

Holt’s efforts have included writing columns for the Enterprise newspapers for which she earned a New England Newspaper & Press Association in environmental writing. She has had her work published in Boston Design magazine, the Boston Globe, and Cape Cod HOME, among others.

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