Eversource Rate Case Public Hearings

Eversource recently filed a rate case with the Department of Public Utilities (DPU). Cape Light Compact has intervened at the DPU (docket number 17-05) and will be actively participating the docket.

Please attend upcoming local public hearings and speak to the issues that are important to you. If you are planning to attend, please contact Austin Brandt at austin.brandt@capelightcompact.org.

· In Barnstable: Monday, April 3rd at 7pm – Harborview Conference Room on Barnstable County Complex, 3195 Main Street, Barnstable, MA
· In Tisbury: Monday, April 24th at 6 pm – Katharine Cornell Theatre, 51 Spring St., Tisbury, MA

Below are some points that CLC is focusing on:

1. Customer Charge: Eversource is proposing to shift “fixed” distribution costs from the usage-variable volumetric (per kWh) energy charge to a fixed customer charge. This could increase bills for low-usage and seasonal customers. It also lessens the incentive for energy efficiency and behind-the-meter generation, which reduce the kilowatt hours a customer needs to purchase from the grid. The Compact will be reviewing Eversource’s filing and determining how Cape and Vineyard customers will be impacted.
2. Demand Charge: Eversource proposes to impose a demand charge for new net-metered customers interconnected on or after 1/1/2018 (for residential customers) and on or after 1/1/2019 (for commercial customers). Also, these customers will be required to pay for the new demand meter. The Compact is concerned about the adverse impacts this will have for new renewable energy projects (such as residential PV) and ratepayers, and will testify on this issue.
3. Performance Based Rate Recovery: Eversource is proposing moving to Performance-Based Rate Making (PBRM), a change from the current traditional cost-of-service ratemaking. The Compact will examine whether the move to PBRM will result in higher electric rates, and that the proposed performance benchmarks are reasonable.
4. Rate Consolidation: Eversource is proposing to consolidate rate classes, which will result in the termination of seasonal rates, among other changes. The Compact will examine the bill impacts for Cape and Vineyard customers.

Click here to download some brief speaking points that CLC drafted that anyone attending the hearing is welcome to use – they can either read directly from it, or can adapt it however they wish. For those that would like to submit written comments, there is a process laid out in the Notice of Filing, which we’ve provided a link to on our Rate Case Webpage (submission instructions highlighted towards bottom of Notice).

At the hearing, there will likely be a speaker sign-up sheet, and those who sign up will be asked one-by-one to give their verbal comments. The DPU staff at the hearing may ask each speaker if they wish to be sworn in – we recommend that speakers do not provide sworn statements, as generally they are not expert witnesses and it opens the door for them to be cross-examined later in the proceeding.

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