Peter Bennett’s road trip

If the phrase “engineer fun” sounds like an oxymoron, you haven’t met Peter Bennett. Peter is a hardware engineer at Savant. “We build processor boards and controller boards,” he begins. “We used to do touch panels before the iPad came out. The other stuff I do I can’t tell you about.” Savant builds home automation […]

Anne Marie Fallon: Paving the way for digital natives

Things have changed. College students today have not known life without Google, Skype and cellphones. As students change, campuses change with them. In 2013 Mass Maritime Academy created a new VP position, overseeing technology and library services. Cape Cod Technology Council board member Anne Marie Fallon filled that position as Vice President & CIO, IT Services. […]

Dara Bryan: Building a community

Cape Cod Technology Council Board member Dara Bryan moved here four years ago for the summer, and liked it so much she came back the following spring in search of “a real career.” Not only did she find a career, she found a community. But it wasn’t easy. She discovered that there are two Cape […]

Luke Hinkle’s Generation

Two years ago, Luke Hinkle talked to the Tech Council about a new project his company, My Generation Energy, was working on – a Community Solar Garden. Now, with proof of concept under their belts, they are looking forward to doing more like it. Eventually. “From the outside it’s all people holding hands, planting flowers and […]

Bert Jackson – Bands & Bandwidth

We know Bert Jackson as a tech guy. He was the Cape Cod Technology Council President for two years and is now Vice President. He has been a principal of web design firms for almost 20 years, with projects that run from the B&B down the street to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. Recent projects with […]

Paula Hersey: A penguin’s guide to life management

When we asked CCTC President and Board Chair Paula Hersey for tips on time management, she said “get a bigger watch.” In her case, a bigger watch is a very well-thought out schedule. If anyone needs a well-thought out schedule, it’s Paula. And it works. In addition to her position here, she is on the […]

Technology at work: Art Gaylord

Art Gaylord is Director of Computer and Information Services at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, which includes maintaining networks, phones, email, web and support for the scientists. It’s this last part where it gets especially interesting (not that we don’t love the rest). Like many of us, WHOI scientists need high performance computing. But they also […]

A different kind of day at the beach: CCTC Member Rodrigo Passos

“A lot of people can spend a long time trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, Rodrigo Passos said. “I’m not one of those people.” When Rodrigo was 12, he didn’t want to go to the beach with his family and instead spent two weeks at an older cousin’s house. […]

Peter Karlson: making people smarter about technology

Peter Karlson would tell you about the client project he’s most excited about working on at the moment, but he can’t talk about it. “It’s competetive and incredibly stealth right now,” he says. All he will say is that he’s working with founders who are deep domain experts. “It’s exciting when they have deep domain […]