First Friday: Mobile in 2020

Bob Egan, chief analyst and CEO of the Sepharim Group of Falmouth, has worked with over 2,000 enterprises during his 30 years of focus on mobile and wireless. A globally […]

Technology and visual arts: John Sullivan at First Friday

For someone who thought of computers as glorified typewriters, John Sullivan has come a long way. “I’m probably the worst person to talk about technology,” John admitted at our August […]

The new face of health care technology

When we think of what’s new in health care, we tend to think about new cures or procedures. But innovation is happening in the delivery of health care, too. Managing […]

Agile vs. Traditional Project Management

How are you getting stuff done? Because our members work on many types of projects, the October First Friday Breakfast was about the merits of Agile vs. Traditional project management, […]

First Friday: Technology, smarter development, and geodesign

At the March First Friday we learned about data, and how we can influence smarter development using technology and geodesign from Kristy Senatori, Deputy Director of the Cape Cod Commission. […]

Thorne Sparkman talks seed money, venture capital and kissing frogs at First Friday

Thorne Sparkman started off wanting to be an entrepreneur, but ended up meeting everyone in the Venture Capital world instead. His path from coming up with the big idea to […]