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We need your help…

The Cape Cod Technology Council operates with a volunteer board of directors. As a board, we are very excited about the growth of the CCTC and we have new ideas percolating all the time. After all, Open Cape and Junior Tech were both ideas that were incubated out the CCTC. What will be the next awesome idea?

So in that vein we are asking for your help—just a bit of time to complete a survey about your impressions of the CCTC and opinions about its future direction. The CCTC serves its members and also the greater community at large, so we are seeking input from members and interested non-members alike.

The CCTC has the ear of government agencies, economic development organizations and educational institutions. Your input into our survey is a chance for your voice to contribute to our ongoing mission.

Once the survey is complete, we’ll publish the results in our email newsletter, The Packet (click the link on the right to sign up).

Click here to participate in the survey (and in our future).

With thanks,

Bert Jackson, President
Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc.

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