Seminar: Google Apps for Business Jan 18

Are you looking for a way to save money on your business or non-profit organization? Did you know that Google lets businesses run their email, calendar, website and other critical information technology for a low yearly fee or even free. This seminar will help guide you through the business case of why you should consider using Google Apps in your business.

We will review the powerful suite of free and low cost tools from Google to help your business including:

What are Google Apps

  • Email and Calendar for your organization provides improved security and sharing for your organization.
  • Document sharing to allow your employees, vendors and customers to share documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly and easily.
  • Websites to run your projects or for internal purposes.
  • Present the Business Case
  • Why would an organization want to use Google Apps?
  • What are other options?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Financial analysis
  • Concerns

Also learn the difference between the difference between the different editions of Google Apps and how the “Apps Marketplace” is changing how businesses buy software.

The session will be led by Peter Karlson of NeuEon and Amy Whitman Wade of Community Connections.

Join Us on January 18th at the Cape Media Center from 6-8 pm. Cost for the event is $25. Sign up using Google Checkout or email to make a reservation and pay by check.

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