October Infrastructure: Grid modernization and crowd fiber

October’s Infrastructure Committee meeting began with a visit from Andrew Goodrich of Energy Citizens. He works for a public affairs group that wants natural gas to stay on the table as Massachusetts plans for grid modernization. They have no expectation from the Infrastructure Committee other than staying in touch so they can be part of the conversation, and keep an eye on legislature that would impact their ability to maintain their current system.

Grid Modernization
Turnout has been good at Grid Modernization meetings. Outreach includes a Pixy 103 radio spot with Austin Brandt of Cape Light Compact, an Energy Fair in Harwich, and a Cape Cod Times Op Ed written jointly by CCTC President and Board Chair Bert Jackson and Maggie Downey of Cape Light Compact. There has been a call to have one plan for both Eversource and National Grid. At this point the National Grid plan is much more forward thinking than what’s been proposed by Eversource for Cape Cod.

Open Cape
Open Cape is getting good interest, perhaps due to the crowd fiber tool on their website.  It was suggested Cape Cod needs to have a closer relationship with the state. To address the disparity between funding that goes to Western Massachusetts and what we see on the Cape, it was suggested that the Infrastructure Committee help with coalition building, reaching out to other large Cape Cod organizations who have an interest in building infrastructure.

Will there be commuter rail to the Cape?

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