May Infrastructure: exploring connectivity solutions

The subcommittee formed at the Infrastructure Committee’s April meeting reached out to Comcast about increasing broadband during this time when so many are relying on internet connections for work and school.  A representative from Comcast will attend the meeting in June. The committee looks forward to hearing what they may be able to do in addition to their Internet Essentials program, running currently.
A subcommittee has also begun discussing a tool kit for individuals who are having difficulty maximizing broadband connectivity, noting that there are solvable problems with potentially simple solutions. The goal of the toolset is to arm the customer regardless of who their internet supplier is, so when they make a tech support call they don’t walk away unsatisfied.
The committee discussed the experience level of the marketplace and the ways a toolkit could be accessed by experienced and inexperienced users (instructional YouTube videos, for instance).
The committee discussed curating a list of places people can go for help, access self-help tools, or schedule one-on-one assistance. Libraries and Councils on Aging are already helping their constituents navigate computer issues. The goal is to help people use the technology who do not have the skill sets to troubleshoot, improving their experience – remotely or in person.
The committee reported that there is a bond bill that could extend fiber to the Outer Cape, with additional funds to expand the network. This would be the first occasion where money is allocated for the Cape as it has been in Western Massachusetts.

The committee researching a toolkit for troubleshooting connection issues will meet and clarify the scope of the project.

As soon as information on advocacy opportunities becomes available it will be shared with the committee.
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