May Infrastructure – a data center for Cape Cod

Please note: The committee is changing the time it meets. Beginning in July, we will meet at8:30am, the first Wednesday of the month. The June meeting will be at 9am, as previously scheduled.

Open Cape is hosting an open house Thursday, May 15, from 3 to 6pm, to introduce people to their new data center in Barnstable – the first data center on the Cape. The Committee discussed the value of having a data center on the Cape, particularly one that is located on high ground in the event of a major storm.  For more information, go to

Open Cape received grant funding to construct the Open Cape Network. Open Cape contracted with Cape Net  to  construct the network and to market the network to the Cape community.  The Committee will invite a representative of the Cape Cod Commission to discuss the status of the regional area network.

Moving forward, Last Mile will be the key. The committee has heard that a variety of companies are willing and ready to do last mile buildout.

We also still have questions for NSTAR and will follow up with them at a future meeting.


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