May 2018 Infrastructure Notes: Fiber for Hyannis Growth Incentive Zone

The May meeting of the CCTC Infrastructure Committee began with an update on the Fix Coalition. A committee member reported that there are stories at the state level about the state of our bridges, and that a bill is forthcoming.
Also in politics, Governor Baker has signed an authorization bill for $300 million for community resilience, which includes updating services. We will know more for the next meeting.
Our guest at the May meeting was Felicia Penn, who came to the Infrastructure Committee with concerns about Hyannis’ growth incentive zone reenactment. In the economic development plan, she says there was no emphasis on technology infrastructure.Felicia believes that Downtown Hyannis should be a growth innovation zone, and that high speed broadband could drive growth.
She asked if the committee could play a role in promoting technology infrastructure in the economic development plan, suggesting that if the committee devised a plan, she would present it to the Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce. She believes not knowing how to make it happen has been a stumbling point for the town.
Broadband deployment is a longstandingTech Council priority, including the Cape Cod Connect effort and the Unwired Village projects in Orleans and Falmouth.
One committee member offered to form a steering committee that understands local issues. We also discussed proposing a letter of support if there is a grant application. There are myriad examples of communities who have done what Felicia is envisioning.
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