June Infrastructure: Offshore wind update

In June, the Tech Council’s Infrastructure Committee had an update from Avangrid on the two wind projects. According to their representative, Vineyard Wind is wrapping up construction in Barnstable, with road refinishing and substation work remaining. Any work that would impact traffic flow has paused for the summer.

Components are arriving for offshore installation. The Avangrid team is out on vessels, installing foundations for turbines and towers, followed by the substation this summer. This electric substation is on a platform located with the turbines. Right Whale migration and other ecological protections are guiding the work schedule. Work will continue into next year.

Global Wind Organization training is required for staff (https://www.globalwindsafety.org/). This is a certification that must be renewed every two years, with training offered at Mass Maritime. Components for the project are currently manufactured in Europe, however the Inflation Act has been instrumental in moving the supply chain and manufacturing to the U.S.

The second project in progress, Park City Wind, received Cape Cod Commission approval in May and is now going before the Barnstable County Commission. Avangrid estimates that they are 80% through the approval process. There will be several years of permitting when these approvals are complete. Avangrid is holding Open Houses for Commonwealth Wind and Park City Wind on July 19 at the Osterville library. https://www.commonwealthwind.com/cw-events

We also heard a report on the Recharge Cape Cod EV Test Drive Event, held on June 3. There was cold weather, which may have impacted attendance, however it was reported to be a great event with good networking opportunities. About 100 test drives were taken. The Tech Council had a table at the event, and members felt it was a good opportunity to build connections with affinity organizations on the Cape. Follow-up discussion included the idea of participating in the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour in October.

There was also discussion around the benefits of standardized charging for EVs. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-06-12/tesla-chargers-win-more-backers-as-its-plug-becomes-us-standard

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