July 2017 Infrastructure: CVEC weighs in on Eversource rate case, OpenCape news

At the July meeting of the Tech Council’s Infrastructure Committee we heard from CVEC, Cape Light Compact, and Open Cape, and learned that the Blue Institute has been accepted into Clean Tech Open

Liz Argo of Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) came to update the committee on CVEC’s status regarding the Eversource rate case.

She said the proposed rates would affect value, reducing net metering credits. Since all CVEC’s contracts are built on the incentive, they ran a report to see what change the proposed rate would make. According to Liz, over a million dollars a year in credits will be lost by municipalities, schools, and other organizations. With a number in hand, they’ve requested intervener status in the rate case as a limited intervener. CVEC’s argument is that public policy is being undermined by this decision, disrupting the market.

Liz also reported that there is an Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (ACES) Grant geared toward proving the marketability and scalability of batteries. A partnership with Eversource or National Grid is mandatory for the grant.

OpenCape has applied for ITT46, a network services statewide contract, which would allow them to work more easily with municipalities. In their continued work on last mile they are in 13 of the 15 high schools on the Cape, and are looking at piloting fiber to the home on residential builds. Open Cape has welcomed Angela Hurwitz as their new Director of Client Solutions.

Austin Brandt of Cape Light Compact reported that Eversource has filed a revised rate plan which includes a $30 million cost shift from Western MA customers to Eastern MA residential customers instead of the $17 million previously reported. He encouraged all to come to the hearing at 7 p.m. on August 2, at Cape Cod Community College Tilden Arts Center. 

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