Jan 4: First Friday – The Year Ahead by John Landry


A New Year’s tradition continues:  John Landry will again share his insights and forecasts for software-related technologies.

John Landry is a 30+ year software veteran and innovator who has built great software products and great software companies.   Landry has had a distinguished track record as an innovative “Serial CTO”, successfully creating and executing a business-aware technology vision at several major software companies.   His CTO career has evolved from developing batch mainframe application systems, to AI-based expert systems, to large-scale database systems and development tools, to PC applications, to client-server email and groupware systems, to interactive Internet systems, to creating IBM’s cross-corporation Internet strategy and most recently mobile and distributed systems.

In all cases, Landry’s innovations and technology strategy have resulted in achieving maximum value for investors and employees alike – all of these companies (excluding IBM) were successfully acquired near the peak of their value. This strategy has allowed Landry to capitalize on past work and then begin development on the “next big thing”, a cycle he has repeated again and again – seven times in the last 20 years!

Aiming to make this experience available to others while still staying involved in the very latest technologies, Landry manages Lead Dog Ventures. Lead Dog is a new-age technology business accelerator, drawing upon Landry’s relevant technology business experience, a rich network of trusted and diverse professional relationships, as well as his access to sources of early stage investment capital. Landry also serves on the Board of Directors of several of Lead Dog’s private company investments.

Landry balances this emerging company focus with frequent consulting and speaking engagements with the thought leaders of the “big dogs” – IBM, McKinsey, Arthur Andersen, top-tier Venture Capital firms and several Fortune 500 clients.

By bridging these two worlds for nearly 25 years, Landry and Lead Dog Ventures provide both large and small companies alike unique access to knowledge, relationships and capital investment opportunities – a combination designed to produce tomorrow’s “Lead Dogs”.

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