Hundreds gather for SmarterCape Summit 3

May 14, 2013: The Cape Codder Resort, Hyannis, MA—SMARTERCAPE SUMMIT 3

Just under 400 Cape Codders yesterday gathered for SmarterCape Summit 3 at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis to share ideas and see first hand the progress Cape Cod is making toward becoming a smarter place to live, work, play and create.

Smarter Cape Cod’s objective is to create a vibrant Cape Cod community for the 21st century—one that supports the evolution of our economy from service-based to knowledge-based, and uses our recently-built, fast, reliable and robust technology infrastructure to improve our quality of life by making the way we do things “smarter”.

Here’s a Summary of the program presentations:

  • Gregory Bialecki, Secretary of the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development–the Governor’s chief economic development and housing advisory and cabinet member – opened the summit and shared the actions and plans at the State and community level to grow economic innovation throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Leslie Richardson, Economic Development Director of the Cape Cod Commission outlined the purpose, intent and action involving our region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), and indicated that the five year update of this plan is due by the end of 2014, and that all will be contacted for involvement in selecting and ranking the 18 priority projects.
  • Paul Niedzwiecki, Executive Director of the Cape Cod highlighted new regulatory and planning tools available to communities to support the growth of innovation centers and smarter development. Kristy Senatori, Deputy Director of the Cape Cod Commission, introduced the SIO (Strategic Information Office) and outlined opportunities for regional efficiencies and financial savings.
  • CEO Dan Vortherms introduced a thorough presentation of the newly built and completed OpenCape network.  Mr. Vortherms clarified issues concerning OpenCape’s coverage, and its ability to carry unlimited information over its network.  The President of Cape Net, Allen Davis, explained his company’s task in actually building the network, and defined the complications of satisfying the geographic challenges while working with collaborators to get the project finished.
  • Chuck Wade, representing Interisle Consulting, the group that performed a Cape-wide IT and Communications Survey of municipal, public safety, library and school locations, gave a summary of findings and suggested areas where regionalized collaboration makes sense.  The survey he performed was financially supported by a grant from Cape & Island License Plate funds, given by the Cape Cod Economic Development Council (CCEDC).
  • Some of the most exciting demonstrations were by Accela and PlanIt. Accela produced a live demonstration of e-government services about to go public in the towns of Yarmouth, and Chatham, and on the Island of Nantucket.  In the example demonstrated, the public is able to file for licenses and permits on-line.  A major advantage is that all information is digitized and in one place so that town officials do not have to track down supporting documentation.  Also, it makes it easier for towns to make decisions.  Accela also demonstrated how easy field inspections will be for employed personal through the use of iPads, which maximize the integration of all the information for each license requested.  Accela’s demonstration is “smarter” delivery of government services.
  • Emerson College demonstrated PlanIt, their interactive on-line “game” that helps communities focus on neighborhood issues important to the residents, and uses participants to create consensus and prioritize projects—revealing “smarter” ways to gain information from taxpayers and other stakeholders, helping to maximize efforts by planners and regulators.
  • During the working lunch, Wendy Northcross, CEO of the CC Chamber, Bert Jackson of the CC Technology Council and Kevin Howard, of the Arts Foundation of CC presented smarter ways for marketing Cape Cod—taking advantage of our globally recognized brand.  A new Cape Cod Arts app was presented, and the new web site: made its debut.
  • Dean Robert Cody, of Cape Cod Community College presented the audience with numerous ways that CCCC is responding to the need for creating a knowledge workforce on Cape Cod.  He illuminated the opportunities of collaborating with the Scientific Marine community, the Tech Schools, and most effectively illustrated the opportunities in education that the efficiencies and power of OpenCape brings to our K-12 schools.  Through his demonstration it became evident that the problem of “school choice’ on Cape Cod will diminish with time, through a “smarter” delivery educational experiences.
  • Ms. Judy Laster of the Woods Hole Film Festival and Luke Hinkle of Brewster Solar Garden, both invited speakers, shared the many ways that technology has affected their projects, and how they are challenged to apply “smarter” ways to succeed in the future.
  • Senator Dan Wolf, the summit’s final featured speaker spoke from his heart about his many years of dedication and work through the CC Chamber of Commerce and the Cape Cod Economic Development Council in support of a diversified and sustainable economy on Cape Cod.  He also shared his ideas about how leadership can be “smarter”–both political leaders and civic leaders.  To the delight of the audience, he fielded as many questions on any topic as was desired.

The SmarterCape Summit is organized by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, the Cape Cod Commission, OpenCape Corporation, Cape Cod Technology Council and Cape Cod Economic Development Council.

Financial support for the summit came from Cape Cod Commission, MA Office of Business Development, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Convention Data Services, Cape Cod Five, Koa Media, Nutter, Cape Cod Community Media Center, IBM, OpenCape Corporation, Cape Cod Economic Development Council, Cape Light Compact, CapeNet, Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod, Cape Cod RTA, Integration Partners, Accela, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Cape Cod Healthcare and Constant Contact.

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