Grid Modernization Talk

The CCTC has been partnering with the Cape Light Compact to educate the public on Eversource’s grid modernization plan that was submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. We recently held an info session for stakeholders at the Cape Cod Community Media Center. Our keynote speaker was Karl Ragabo, a nationally known energy expert and the Executive Director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center at the Pace Law School. Karl will present on the national discussion, “What Utilities Might Look Like in the Future and the Opportunities and Challenges We Face.” The Compact’s Power Supply Planner, Austin Brandt, analyzed and discussed Eversource’s Grid Modernization Plan. Austin focused on key questions concerning the Eversource plan related to cost, local electric infrastructure reliability, and opportunities for consumers to generate, store, and use electricity efficiently. Eversource has stated, “customers are at the center of our plan.”

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