Feb 3 – First Friday: Leveraging Emerging Tech for Small Business

Miles Prescott

Small businesses constantly struggle with trying to figure out what technology they may need to have to make their business better.   In the past small businesses have had great difficulty accessing the same resources that larger companies can use to learn everything they need to know about how to make the best investments in technology.

In conversations every day, SMBs ask questions like: what are the emerging technologies?  What should we be doing?  How do we decide what to do?  How do we manage all of this?   SMB Research LLC, a firm delivering technology research and due diligence, will present how small businesses on and off the Cape can benefit from modest  investments in technology to manage their customers, sales force, and important data.  SMB Research LLC will explore how to use customer information and market intelligence better through both office applications and mobile technology.   Lastly, some insight into how Small and Medium businesses can utilize various technology resources to ensure success will be shared.

Miles Prescott has been running SMB Research LLC for over 2 years now. Prior to this he spent more than 12 years at AMR Research where he advised F2000 CIOs on technology best practice and enterprise software selection.  He is now doing the same to SMBs with less than 1,0000 employees that have not had previous access to this type of advisory service.

You may download a PDF Miles’ presentation here.

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