CCTC efforts regarding the MA Computer Software Sales Tax

The proposed tax on computer and data processing services, opposed by the Cape Cod Technology Council, is likely to take effect in the very near future. The tax is included in the transportation funding bill recently vetoed by the Governor. If, as expected, the House and Senate override the veto, the tax will take effect seven days later. The tax will impose a 6.25 percent sales tax on a wide variety of computer service. The definition of taxable services is very broad and the tax is expected to  affect almost every industry in the Commonwealth. According to an analysis  prepared by  the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, the proposed tax will cost employers an additional $500 million in annual sales tax. The Board of Directors of the Technology Council is reviewing legislative proposals to restrict the most damaging effects of the tax.

The CCTC has produced a video outlining the impact of the tax.


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