CC Tech Council Supports Cape Cod Tech High School Building Project

Founded in 1996, the Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc. (“CCTC”) is a membership based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote technology, education and economic development on Cape Cod, the Islands, and Southeastern Massachusetts. The primary focus of the CCTC is technology and innovation. Our membership includes local Cape, Islands, and Southeastern Massachusetts businesses, technology innovators, educational organizations, government entities, working professionals, and community leaders.

Cape Technical High School serves approximately 625 students, from twelve towns on the Cape. The school’s mission is “to provide an opportunity to acquire high quality, academic, technical and social skills which prepare our students for success in our changing world.” The current building was built in 1975, and as such, can no longer adequately support both this mission and a modern curriculum. Teaching methods, academic learning spaces, new technologies and other 21st century teaching tools require a modern facility in order to prepare students for workforce demands they face.

The Cape Cod Technology Council strongly supports the Cape Cod Technical school building project. It is our belief that the school is an integral part of the Cape’s community and economy. While voters are being asked to approve the funding for this project, the CCTC would like to point out that there is more to this than just the building. At the project’s core is an educational plan built with a vision for the future. The facilities themselves will be built to the most up-to-date energy efficiency and technological standards. Today’s education requires tools and resources that extend beyond the school’s walls, and a technology infrastructure that supports it. In short, it is our belief that this project is not only vital for the towns who students attend the high school, but also for the Cape’s long-term future.

The Cape Cod Technology Council encourages its members and voters from the twelve towns to vote for the project on October, 24th.

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