CapeAbilities seeks used computer donations


Cape Abilities is a nonprofit organization based In Hyannis that provides jobs, homes and other services for adults with disabilities across Cape Cod.  Our mission is to serve individuals with disabilities by educating, counseling and providing residential, therapeutic, social and employment supports that empower them to achieve meaningful and valued roles in the community.

Cape Abilities is always looking for computer donations to be used in our various programs by both staff and the clients we serve and we are hoping that you can help us. While we don’t hope for brand new computers, we do have some requirements:

Donated computers must be Windows PC’s in working condition, (sorry, no Macs).  It’s OK if they are virus-infected, since the first thing we do is completely erase the hard drives, removing all data, programs, and viruses.

Computers should be no more than about 5 years old.  Suitable machines will have originally come with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

We can accept flat-screen LCD monitors, but not the old tube-style CRT monitors.  Working keyboards and mice are always welcome.

If you have a possible donation, please call Bill Montague in our IT department to discuss what you have  (508-778-5040 ext 866) or email Bill at Once it’s OK’d, we’ll let you know the most convenient location to drop off your equipment.  If there are multiple computers we will come and pick them up.  Donations of computer equipment are tax deductible, and we’ll provide you with the form you need.  

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