Cape Light Compact Energy Efficiency Plan – CCTC issues comments to Dept. of Public Utilities

December 3, 2021
Mark D. Marini, Secretary
Department of Public Utilities
One South Station, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

RE:       Cape Light Compact JPE 2022-2024 Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan (D.P.U. 21-126)

Dear Secretary Marini,

I am writing on behalf of the Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc. (“CCTC”) in response to the request from the Department of Public Utilities (“DPU” or the “Department”) for written comments on the Cape Light Compact’s (the “Compact”) proposed enhancements to the 2022-2024 Three Year Energy Efficiency Plan.

Founded in 1996, the CCTC is a membership based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote technology, education, and economic development on Cape Cod, the Islands, and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our membership includes local Cape, Islands, and Southeastern Massachusetts businesses, technology innovators, educational organizations, government entities, working professionals, and community leaders.

The CCTC supports the Compact’s enhancements for the following reasons:

  • The incentives for residential multifamily new construction projects will promote equitable service to low- and moderate- income customers on the Cape and Vineyard that is currently missing from the energy efficiency programs.
  • The incentives for targeted Commercial and Industrial customers will foster increased participation by municipal, small non-profits, small businesses and microbusinesses on the Cape and Vineyard.
  • CVEO serves low-and-moderate income members of the Cape and Vineyard community, a population that faces economic barriers to installing heat pumps, battery storage and solar PV – the three technologies proposed under CVEO.
  • CVEO is consistent with the 2018 amendments to the Green Communities Act and will advance the goals and objectives of these amendments while providing cost-effective energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • CVEO has public support from local residents, businesses and local elected officials.
  • CVEO has support from energy efficiency stakeholders in the Commonwealth. The Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council has issued multiple Resolutions in support of CVEO.
  • The Department of Public Utilities (Department) should reconsider its recent decision to deny CVEO for 2020-2021 and approve it for the 2022-2024 Plan, recognizing that CVEO is a limited and targeted offering that is fully aligned with the Legislature’s intent in 2018 to expand the scope of energy efficiency programs to include programs that advance strategic electrification, energy storage and support increased use of renewable energy sources and clean energy technologies.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit comments.  On behalf of the CCTC, I respectfully request that the Department approve the Compact’s enhancements to the 2022-2024 Plan.


Jennifer Reid, President


cc:        Jeffrey Leupold, Hearing Officer (, Jeffrey M. Bernstein, Esq. (, Audrey Eidelman Kiernan, Esq. (

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