Cape Cod Technology Council Endorses Draft 208 Wastewater Plan

Barnstable, MA, November 24, 2014 – The Cape Cod Technology Council (CCTC) has endorsed the draft Section 208 Cape Cod Area-Wide Water Quality Management Plan Update released by the Cape Cod Commission.  The Commission’s 208 Plan Update focuses on nutrient impacts to the Cape’s estuaries, primarily caused by nitrogen in wastewater, “and reflects a watershed-based approach, as watersheds, not town boundaries, define the problem. The Section 208 Plan Update looks at targeting specific watersheds with known water quality problems,” according to the Update.

In a public comment on the Plan urging its adoption, the non-profit volunteer Tech Council wrote that the “proposed solutions suggested by the Commission are consistent with the Technology Council’s vision of a Smarter Barnstable County Government.   The Technology Council agrees that nitrogen loading of the Cape Cod watersheds and the resulting degradation of coastal water quality threaten the environmental, societal, and economic health of this community. The logic of addressing solutions now and regionally is compelling. 

“The Commission proposes to collect and make available data that will not only better enable Cape communities to address nutrient management, but will also contribute to the development of innovative technologies,” the statement said.  “The Technology Council considers the Draft 208 Plan to provide appropriate guidance for addressing existing nitrogen loading and a basis for the Cape becoming a leader in innovative nutrient management for coastal communities.”

Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc. is a membership-based, events-oriented non-profit organization promoting technology and its understanding on Cape Cod, the Islands, and in Southeastern Massachusetts.  The organization includes a diverse array of southeastern Massachusetts profit and non-profit companies, organizations, institutions, government entities, health care providers, sole proprietorships and individuals who use technology in their daily operations or who are in the technology industry.  Website:


For further information contact:  Eugene R. Curry, chairman, CCTC Infrastructure Committee, 3010 Main Street, Barnstable, Massachusetts 02630 (508) 375-0070.

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