Cape Cod Ocean Community (CCOC) awards financial grant to Wellfleet-based shark detection and research organization Moosh Systems

The funds will support Moosh Systems in its continued development of advanced drone-based systems for shark  detection as well as its recent groundbreaking research on nearshore great white behavior on Cape Cod. 

13 November 2020  

Wellfleet, Massachusetts  

The Moosh Systems team has established expertise across multiple engineering disciplines, aviation and within scientific  research. 

Moosh Systems Founder and CEO, Kristian Sexton, presented preliminary results from the company’s study on  nearshore great white behavior to the American Elasmobranch Society (AES)—a non-profit organization  advancing the scientific study of living and fossil sharks—at the AES annual conference attended by shark  scientists from across the United States. Researchers were deeply impressed by the scope of the work, the  implications for public safety, and the incredible speed and budget under which the study was accomplished.    

CCOC Co-Founder and Chair Heather Doyle comments: “The ongoing work and tenacity we have seen from  Moosh Systems is exactly the type of effort we want to support. With the benefit of agility and a laser focus on  public safety, we look forward to the direct impact Moosh Systems will have on shark safety around Cape Cod  and beyond.” 

Moosh Systems Founder and CEO Kristian Sexton comments: “We are extremely excited by the recent  financial support from CCOC as well as how well received our work was at the AES conference. This research  is directly related to public safety and our findings have the potential to have an immediate impact. The fact  that great whites parallel the shore for miles at a time makes detection significantly easier and helps inform the  placement of detection systems.” 

About Moosh Systems: Established in Wellfleet, Massachusetts in 2019 with the goal of making it safe to surf  and swim again on Cape Cod, Moosh Systems focuses on the development of advanced aerial imaging systems  through cutting edge research. Their mission includes adoption of their innovations on Cape Cod and globally.  For more information, please see  

About Cape Cod Ocean Community (CCOC): Founded in 2018 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, CCOC is a  certified 501(c)(3) non-profit and community-based organization that advocates for the use of technology to  reduce the risk of shark attacks CCOC believes coexisting with great white sharks in the waters around Cape  Cod can be safer. Learn more at 

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