Become a STEM Mentor!

Do you have experience, advice, or opportunities you would be willing to share with a Cape Cod Community College(4Cs) student majoring in STEM? We are seeking mentors to join the new cohort of our expanding 4Cs STEM Mentoring Network- now going virtual!

Funded through a grant from the MA Department of Higher Education STEM Starter Academy, the 4Cs STEM Mentoring Network, now in its third year, is seeking mentors of all ages and STEM backgrounds to sign on to our new virtual mentoring platform. This program is modeled after the MassBay Community College STEM Mentoring program, which has shown to result in successful outcomes for students who are involved. We also find there are many positive benefits for the mentors.

“Serving as a mentor in the 4C’s STEM Mentoring Network was a very rewarding experience. STEM fields, understandably, value and prioritize technical skills. Mentorship is an excellent opportunity to develop soft skills and interpersonal relationships that are integral to a successful career.”

-Chris O’Brien, of Dative Creative Web Solutions.

Whether you are actively employed, retired, or otherwise knowledgeable in a particular STEM field, your experience and advice is valuable to a 4Cs student!

The time commitment and level of engagement are completely flexible—mentors indicate their areas of expertise and availability. Our virtual platform matches you with mentees with similar interests. The students initiate a session request, and mentors can accept or decline based on current availability. All meetings take place virtually within the STEM Mentoring Network online platform. The sign-up process is free, and takes just minutes to complete.

On the heels of last year’s success, the mentorship program is growing through an additional collaboration. This year we are excited to enact a partnership with the Cape Cod Technology Council. This partnership within the mentorship program works to ensure future locally-based employees for the Cape’s growing scientific industries.

“The Cape Cod region has a surprising number of technology and science organizations, all of whom need a prepared and educated workforce. The Cape Cod Technology Council helps connect students in the Cape Cod Community College’s STEM Mentoring Network with our members who are committed to developing this workforce for the future.”

– Bert Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Cape Cod Technology Council 

We’ve got students looking to explore Engineering, Robotics, Environmental Science, Construction Technology, Blue Economy, Health Sciences, Research, Biotech, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Oceanography, Regional Planning, and other related STEM academic and career pathways as they complete their degrees at CCCC. Many will go on to transfer to earn bachelor’s and advanced degrees in their fields. They are seeking advice and encouragement from professionals like you who have been there…and can make a difference along the way by sharing your experience.

Please consider signing up today, and sharing this with colleagues who may be interested. All are welcome to join the 4Cs STEM Mentoring Network. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Signing up for the 4Cs STEM Mentoring Network is easy: go to and click “Give Advice” to get started.

Contact Bridget Burger, Director, Cape Cod Regional STEM Network for more information:

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