Aug 3: First Friday- Empowering Businesses With Technology

A Panel Discussion
Hosted by Michael Bell and Bruce Greenhalgh
Emerging Technology Group 

If you want to be making wiser decisions for your business; if you feel as if you are suffering from “information overload” then join us for breakfast on First Friday August 3rd.

Empowering Business with Technology is not a system, software or a construct, but rather a highly refined method for improving the current state of information overload which plagues decision makers in today’s economy. Wiser business decisions require greater interpretive insight, not a greater level of information.

This panel discussion with experts will provide you with information on common access points for your business including T1, MPLS, Apple iPad, and other Apple products along with managed services, managed security and Cloud computing information. The bottom line: This session will enable you to make those wiser decisions.

Facilitator:  Bruce Greenhalgh
Emerging Technology Group, Facilitator

Presenter Glen Nelson
New Horizon Communications, Access, MPLS and Hosted Systems

Presenter: Michael McLaughlin
Core Computers, Authorize Apple Partner Apple Products

Presenter David Sebestyen
Sky Rope, Managed Services, Managed It and Cloud Services

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