April Infrastructure: Cape Light Compact and Eversource

Our April Infrastructure meeting was dedicated to hearing what Cape Light Compact had to say about Eversource’s plans for grid modernization. The Cape Cod Technology Council is collaborating with Cape Light Compact so we can offer comment in the process.

According to Cape Light Compact, change is being prompted because of increased distributed energy resources, as well as the need for increased grid stability and resiliency, and better management of energy use and production. There is a shift toward a smart grid, transforming the way we use and produce power by adding information technology to the power grid.

Residents and business consumers of the Cape have a lot at stake. The grid modernization proposal lays the technological groundwork for what will be possible in the future.

Cape Light Compact has looked at what Eversource is proposing, as well as what is being proposed in other regions. They have noted that National Grid is more aggressive in what they are planning to roll out.

Their four main objectives are:

  • reducing effects of outages – increasing resiliency and reliability
  • optimizing demand – reduce system-wide peak
  • integrating distributed resources – batteries in electric vehicles, plus above
  • improving workforce and asset management

Collaborating with Cape Light Compact: What is the timeline, and what are the roles?

Cape Light Compact has no official positions yet, but reports that there are still areas of concern with Eversource’s plan. As of now,

  • Cape Light Compact has filed for and been granted intervener status
  • DPU has taken public comment on procedural schedule, but has yet to finalize it
  • Evidentiary hearings will be held in early November
  • A CCTC sub-committee will meet with Cape Light Compact before our May Infrastructure Meeting to explore how we can assist in the process
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