Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc. (CCTC) is a membership-based, events-oriented non-profit organization promoting technology and its understanding on Cape Cod, the Islands, and in Southeastern Massachusetts.

The organization includes a diverse array of southeastern Massachusetts profit and non-profit companies, organizations, institutions, government entities, health care providers, sole proprietorships and individuals who use technology in their daily operations or who are in the technology industry.

CCTC’s mission, sometimes done in collaboration with others, is to communicate, promote, educate, and mentor the advancement of technologies within all sectors on Cape Cod and adjacent areas in southeastern Massachusetts to aid and abet their advancement and economic viability as well as that of the geographical region in which they reside.

CCTC is equal parts economic development, networking, and STEM (that’s science, technology, engineering, and math) education and understanding. Among the areas that the council involves itself are:

  • Support and direction of the development of the technology infrastructure in the region to advance the growth, effectiveness, and competitiveness of its member organizations; the organization played a key incubator role in the development of Open Cape, an advanced data transport network project which is bringing new communications vitality to the area; earlier CCTC was a force behind the Unwired Villages initiative, bringing public broadband access to select areas of Cape Cod
  • Through a variety of programs assist in technology education for the advancement of its members as well as future generations which will be the workforce and innovators of tomorrow in the region and beyond; CCTC developed the now independent and highly successful JRTECH organization which through creative, innovative programs and classes outside of school hours promotes STEM in the region Participation with state and regional technology organizations and governments as a voice for its members and a liaison on all things technology to a vital area of Massachusetts.
  • Providers of many different and interesting technology presentations, discussions, forums, and other events, from monthly First Friday breakfasts to quarterly evening programs and other activities which keep members abreast of the latest trends, technologies and directions which affect their organizations and operations
    CCTC is a place where you can meet your peers and potential resource partners or simply learn about some interesting new ideas and keep your brain in shape with others who share your interests and speak your language.

We’re a place where you can make a difference and help shape the regional economy. telecom infrastructure, business development, and visibility within the state, developing external and internal perceptions, creating a strong business climate … these are just a few of the areas both we and our members have been involved with over the years.

Our definition of technology reaches across all industries. It’s not just IT. It’s not just computers. It’s the myriad of applications where human inquiry meets human invention to produce a new way of working, thinking, or creating.

Smart use of technology is the element that all competitive businesses and organizations share, and is an approach that our entire region is embracing as we move through the 21st century.

And we need you! We are shaped by our members and our region — and that means YOU! Join us today, won’t you?

Come to a First Friday breakfast or other CCTC event … and bring a friend along. Get involved in a committee. Suggest a program. Welcome to CCTC!

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